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Sarah Clawson is an Atlanta based wedding videographer focused on creating refined films full of light, joy, and authentic moments that capture the heart of her couples' story.

refined, Elegant, light-filled

  • What we created: A high-end brand and Showit site that reflected her 10+ years of experience in the wedding industry and also resonated with her heart, warmth, and natural joy. 

  • The Goal: One of Sarah's goals was to start booking weddings at her new pricing that would allow her to take on less weddings per year to be more present with family. While in a luxury market, she sought to have a sight that attracted her dream clients without feeling overly stuffy and impersonal. She wanted her site to communicate a sense of authentic luxury, with a genuine focus on storytelling. 

 "Working with Sarah was an absolute dream come true! I've been wanting a complete rebrand for a long time, but I could never quite push myself to take the leap. From our very first consultation call, I felt such peace that I could trust her knowledge and support.

- Sarah Clawson

atlanta wedding videographer

A lot of my thoughts about what I wanted were completely jumbled (hello creatives), but she worked tirelessly to organize everything into actionable steps. The design she came up with was PERFECT from the first draft. I was truly blown away by the detail and beauty. She has undoubtedly elevated my overall brand and website to a completely new level. If you're considering a change in the right direction for your business, my biggest advice would be to simply take that step too--you will never regret it! I would say to go ahead and take that leap! Investing in branding, for those of us who are unfamiliar with the process, can seem confusing and complicated. Initially, I had a lot of hesitations simply because I couldn't be 100% sure exactly how it would benefit my business in the long run.

After my first official client meeting with Sarah, I was completely freed from all hesitations. She has walked with me patiently for months, carefully understanding my business and how to best approach the new branding. What she created was far better than anything I could have ever dreamed. I've received so many high quality leads since my new brand launched and I know undoubtedly it is because of the new brand. I'm so thankful to have something that truly represents ME. For so long, I've had one foot in the "old way" with the other wanting to fully embrace who I am as a creative, but I didn't feel comfortable making a full jump. I now have a new confidence and renewed excitement to move forward in the right direction.


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