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Andrew is a Virginia wedding videographer whose intention is to see his couples' love story flourish and grow for years to come. His films are filled with creativity and authenticity.

intentional, adventure, legacy.

  • The Before: Andrew's old site lacked the depth, detail, and personality that he wanted to provide for his couples. Additionally, as someone who is an industry educator in his field, he was looking for a space to provide resources to other videographers as well. He was looking to have a site that matched his expertise, approach, and personality, not to simply fit in to the crowd.

  • The After: A truly comprehensive site that is a foundation for years to come for Film & Flourish. Andrew's new brand and site reflect the deeply authentic approach he takes with his couples. From custom illustration elements representing his brand values, to integration of his unique personality, this new brand and site is truly Andrew.

 "Sarah, where do I start? I cannot fully express how great of an experience I had from start to finish with the whole rebranding process. I am thrilled and in love with the final results. Your ability to listen and create based on your questions and genuine care for my work is unmatched! Again, thank you so much for everything! 

- Andrew G.

Virginia wedding videographer


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