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IN Wedding Videographer - Custom Brand & Site


Indiana based wedding videographer creating handcrafted legacies filled with wonder.

The Goal: One of Devon's goals was to have a brand and site that reflected his level of expertise and season of business. While maintaining a sense of authenticity, he also hoped to step into the luxury market in the surrounding areas of Indiana, Michigan, and Chicago. Through hand-illustrated details and a logo suite that feels truly custom, Devon is ready to stand out in his field. 

// Wedding Videographer - Custom Brand & Site

What we created: A personal Showit brand & site complete with all the details necessary to stand out in his field as someone experienced, talented, and deeply authentic. Custom illustrations enhanced the personal touch of his brand, communicating growth and the covenant of marriage through the symbolism.

what we created:

project goals:

"Just want to let you know I’ve been consistently getting significantly more Google AND ideal couple inquiries since the brand update. THANK YOU!"

Testimonial - Devon Foster

I was drawn to Lion & Lily because of your evident designing skill, heart for Christ, and because you had two GREAT referrals! I was really struggling to pull out of my brand what was most valuable to me and often felt my brand and the experience I offered were somewhat unbalanced. My brand identity crisis has been resolved in the best way through the intentional conversations and questions you walked through with me.


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